A Washington, DC Quiz...

Washington DC was planned with which of the following as the center point of the city's four quadrants?

             a) The White House
             b) The Washington Monument
             c) The Capitol Building
             d) Rock Creek Park

People passing by the Capitol building during the day can tell when the Senate is in session because...

             a) So many cars are parked out front
             b) Loud arguing can be heard from the street
             c) An American flag is flying above the Senate chamber roof
             d) Signs are posted around the neighborhood

The statue of a woman atop the Capitol Building's dome is meant to represent...

             a) Happiness
             b) Freedom
             c) The Law
             d) Hillary Clinton

The Vice President lives...

             a) In the White House, downstairs from the President
             b) In the Smithsonian Castle
             c) In a house on the grounds of the Naval Observatory
             d) In a cave in Rock Creek Park

In the 1700s, when George Washington decided where the nation's new capital city would be located, many people were surprised by his choice because the land at the time was...

             a) Forest
             b) Marshy wetlands
             c) Tundra
             d) Desert

Which of the following buildings was not used to house Union soldiers during the Civil War?

             a) The Treasury
             b) The White House
             c) The Capitol Building
             d) The Supreme Court

DC's beautiful cherry trees were...

             a) Originally planted by Johnny Appleseed
             b) Brought from Spain by Christopher Columbus
             c) A gift to Washington from the country of Japan
             d) Originally planted by George Washington, who then chopped one of them down

Washington DC has how many voting representatives in Congress?...

             a) Two
             b) Three
             c) Four
             d) None

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