More fun with On the Loose in Washington, DC

If you were going to make a book about the town where you live, what places would you be sure to include? Try drawing some of them and hiding something in the pictures. (It doesn't have to be animals... it could be treasure chests or anything else you like). Or try using this template to make a book about Washington, DC.

Try using the pictures in On the Loose in Washington, DC to make up your own stories. What do you think some of the people in these pictures names are? What are the different people in the pictures doing? Do any of them remind you of people you know? What do you think the people in these pictures go on to do next?

Are you planning a visit to Washington, DC? See how many of the places in this book you can get to. You could even take pictures of yourself at each spot (maybe even with a copy of the book, open to that page).

Try coloring in some of the scenes from On the Loose in Washington, DC. The book is in full color, but the versions here are black and white so you can print and color them however you like.

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Did you already find all the animals in On the Loose in Washington, DC? Now see what else you can find...

AT THE ZOO: Can you find... A baby in a purple sleeper? Three ice cream cones? A young man in a red shirt, eating a sandwich? A girl drinking out of a drinking fountain?

AT THE WHITE HOUSE: Can you find... A chef carrying a tray of cookies? Five people wearing yellow helmets and bright orange vests? Five people doing gardening work in floppy hats?

AT THE CAPITOL: Can you find... A man with a baseball cap, holding a flag? A man carrying a boy on his shoulders? A man and a woman jogging together?

AT THE SUPREME COURT: Can you find... A person with a peace sign on their back? A man reading the newspaper as he walks along? A tour guide with a green shirt and a bullhorn? Three pairs of people eating lunch together?

AT THE NATIONAL MALL: Can you find... A basketball? A book with a red cover? A boy in a tree? A girl standing on a park bench? Somebody doing a handstand? Four people on bikes?

AT THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS: Can you find... A red-haired man stretching? A woman with a long scroll? A woman passing a note to a man in a red shirt? A man balancing a tall stack of books? A man accidentally dropping a bunch of papers? A man scolding a loud bird?

AT THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL: Can you find... A man reading The Atlantic magazine? A woman with two dogs? A boy with a kite? A man selling balloons?

AT THE TIDAL BASIN: Can you find... Two park rangers? A man buying an ice cream cone? A girl chasing a boy in a blue shirt? People playing a board game? Somebody jogging?

AT THE AIR & SPACE MUSEUM: Can you find... The number 78? A man carrying a child on his shoulders? A boy in a shirt that says, "DC"? A boy sitting on the stairs?

AT DUPONT CIRCLE: Can you find... A man playing the guitar? A woman giving a boy a toy truck? Two boys with skateboards? A football? People sharing a pizza? People playing chess? A boy with wet feet? A woman lifting a purple barbell?

IN GEORGETOWN: Can you find... A man with a bicycle? A woman holding up a tan pair of pants? A woman with a smiley-face on her shirt? A man sitting on a windowsill? A baby in polka-dot pants? A man wearing a blue beret? A woman waving out a window?

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