A Boston Quiz...

The oldest park in Boston is...

             a) The Public Garden
             b) The Boston Common
             c) The Esplanade
             d) Franklin Park

The New England Patriots football team used to be called ...

             a) The New England Red Sox
             b) The Boston Patriots
             c) The Boston Minutemen
             d) The New England Bunnyrabbits

What dessert was invented at Boston's Parker House Hotel in 1856, and is now Massachusetts' official state dessert?

             a) The Chocolate Chip Cookie
             b) Bananas Foster
             c) The Boston Cream Pie
             d) The Fribble

Which of the following public figures did not grow up in the Boston area?

             a) New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg
             b) Talk show host Jay Leno
             c) Retired New York Knicks basketball player Patrick Ewing
             d) New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

What venerable magazine was founded in Boston in 1857?

             a) Harper's
             b) Cat Fancy
             c) The Atlantic
             d) Boston Magazine

From 1659 to 1681, which of the following was illegal in Boston?

             a) Celebrating Christmas
             b) Getting married
             c) Wearing short sleeves
             d) Dancing

Why is Charlie doomed to ride forever on the Boston subway?

             a) He can't find the exit
             b) He doesn't have enough money to pay the fare
             c) His shoelace is stuck in the door
             d) Someone put Superglue on his seat

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